Finding Out The Details Of Your Mac

For MacBooks, iMacs & Mac Mini

Step 1

To find out all the necessary details of your computer please have it connected to the internet and then click on the Apple in the top left and choose ‘about my Mac’

Mac Spec 1

Step 2

This will show you the processor, year and memory (if it does not show the year you can type your serial number into and this will tell you the relevant information.

Mac Spec 2

Step 3

Then click on Storage to view the size and type of Hard Drive. (Might have to click on More Info if an older OSx)

Mac Spec 3

Step 4

For battery info on MacBooks:  Click on ‘System Report;’ and then ‘power’ in the left column and this will show you the condition and cycle count of you battery.

Mac Spec 4
Mac Spec 5